Jr Program

image (6)   The junior program was established in 1970.  Many of our current members started as Juniors.  Being a part of the Fire Dept. gives you the opportunity to feel the satisfaction of giving back to your community as well as learning the importance of team work.

The program was designed to give young adults an introduction to the fire service.  Juniors currently meet once per week during the school year for training.  Although junior training is only held during the school year juniors are strongly encouraged to attend regular dept. trainings help twice per month.

We have developed two stages of our program.  Stage one is for students ages 14-15.  These members will begin learning basic knowledge and skills of firefighting.  They will not be put into any hazardous situation.  They will be able to respond to a scene if the officer in charge deems it safe.

Stage two is for students ages 16-18.  During this phase the Junior moves closer to becoming an active firefighter.  They will be issued full protective turnout gear and a pager.  They will be able to respond to calls, but will not be able to enter any hazardous situations.

On a fire scene the Junior Firefighter can play a vital role in equipment set up.  Some of the jobs assigned to a Junior can be setting up the Jaws of life for car accidents, setting up proper lighting at scenes, directing traffic to keep everyone on scene safe, assisting command in keeping accountability of personnel on the scene, setting up rehab and air pack stations at fire scenes, assisting in setting up a water supply, and getting equipment for the firefighters on scene.

If you or your child are interest in becoming a member of the Junior Firefighter Program Click here